Vrnjačka Banja is the most celebrated and most popular spa town of Serbia and at the same time very attractive recreative centre. Situated in Central part of Serbia, around 200 km from Belgrade. With help of roads and railroads that connect the main roads of Balkan, Belgrade- Sofia and Belgrade-Athens, through the valley of Zapadna Morava river, Vrnjačka banja has a good connection with all parts of Serbia and Montenegro, and also has good arranged local roads with its forest mountain hinterland, which makes a wide area of preserved natural environment.

High mountains like Kopaonik (2017m), Željin (1785 m), Stolovi (1976) and nearby, tamed mountain Goč (1216 m) belongs to this complex. The climate is moderately continental. Influence of the nearby mountains offers a special character to Vrnjačka banja’s microclimate and makes it very pleasant. Summers are moderately warm followed with fresh mornings and evenings, and winters are snowy, but free of frost. Average annual temperature is 10,5 degrees of Celsius and average temperature during summer is 20 degrees of Celsius.

Vrnjačka banja also has a long healing tradition. On Vrnjačka’s warm, mineral spring from II to IV century, the Romans build their own healthcare and rehabilitation center AOUAE ORCINAE. Archaeological findings in the narrow core of Roman spa; the bathing pool, roman spring of warm mineral water (Fons Romanus), and a lot of coins that were found inside of a healing spring, for the cult motives, are witnessing about it. Legions of V Flavian’s and VII Klaudian’s legion and people from Roman native tribal aristocracy were all coming there for treatment and recovery.

The development of modern Vrnjačka banja started year 1868. with help of Founding Society, the oldest tourist organization on Balkan. Today, Vrnjačka banja is the biggest sanatorium in Serbia and valued tourist center.

Wide area around Vrnjačka banja present the richest and most interesting touristic area in Serbia. This is the area where on the every single step you make, middle age encounters the modern age. In the North there is a fertile plow of the western Pomoravlje, and in the South over 100 km long gorge of Ibar which is piercing through the mountain hills of the ancient Dardanija, later Raška, where state of Serbia occured. There are also high mountains with well-known winter sport centers, like the most popular one named Kopaonik. At last, this is the area with most important monuments of Serbian mediaveal culture, especially monasteries with monumental fresco paintings, some of wich, were protected by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

Through the whole year, especially during summer tourism season, Vrnjačka banja is offering to its visitors very richfull, full of various content cultural and entetainment program. Numerous sports and recreational objects and fields are providing favorable conditions for recreation and are suitable for sport preparations of the top sport teams.

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