Wellness & Spa center

Wellness center

The modernly equipped Wellness Center “Fontana” is the perfect place to escape from everyday life, an oasis of peace and enjoyment in a relaxing environment.


A treatment that replaces a stay at the sea, halotherapy, is one of the most popular contents of our wellness center. In a room with a temperature of 25 ° C, the air is enriched with the finest particles of rock salt, which greatly has a positive effect on the respiratory system.


The use of a Turkish bath is recommended to improve general mental and physical health. Because the humidity rate is around 100%, the heat in the Turkish bath is more easily tolerated than in the sauna.


Tepidarium or heated bed located in the relax zone, for complete relaxation, is heated to a temperature of 37 ° C. In that way, the body emits as much heat as it receives with minimal use of energy. Recommended for people of all ages.


The experience showers combine sound, light effects and water drops and have a positive effect on migraines and tension in the whole body.


  • FINNISH SAUNA: Finish Sauna is a dry sauna with a temperature of up to 100 ° C and low humidity. Staying in the sauna frees the body from harmful substances and toxins, strengthens the immune system, relaxes the body from tension and stress.
  • INFRARED SAUNA: Nordic spruce wood, high temperature and faster sweating effect, are the main characteristics of this sauna. IR radiation stimulates the endorphin (happiness hormone), which leads to a good mood and stress relief.
  • BIO SAUNA: is a pleasant combination of Finnish and steam sauna where the temperature ranges up to 60 ° C with humidity up to 50%. Bio Sauna has a relaxing effect on the muscles and has a positive effect on the respiratory system.

Spa center


With the temperature up to 35 ° C and dimensions 7m x 2 m, the hydromassages pool is one of the most visited parts of our spa center. There are several hydromassage benefits. The buoyancy of the hydromassage pool reliefs tension in muscles and joint, as well as providing temporary relief of the back and neck aches and pains. Underwater massage is recommended for rheumatic conditions and to decrease tension, anxiety and stress.


Jacuzzi, with the temperature up to 34 ° C, is primarily used for hydrotherapy and relaxing muscles.


Indoor recreational swimming pool represents a unique place for relaxation, combined with other Wellness & Spa facilities. The pool measures 10 x 6 x 1.5 m, with the temperature up to 30 ° C.


It is a part intended for the youngest visitors. Toddlers can enjoy the circular pool at temperatures up to 32 ° C.

Facial Treatments

Take care of your skin and protect it from harmful outer world influences.

Our Wellness Center offers you a wide range of treatments for all skin types and ages.

Carefully selected Dr. Rimpler and Phyt’s beauty skin care products, modern equipment and our professional staff, will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.

Apparatus beauty treatments

Guided by the trend of the world Wellness & Spa industry, our hotel has included in the offer the most modern facial and body treatments of the highest German apparatus technology.

Specially selected treatments combine apparatus technology and medical grade skin care products, which gives us the opportunity to individually create treatments according to your needs.

Body treatments

Modern and hard everyday life makes it much harder for the body to stay rested and fresh. That’s why you should visit our oasis of peace that provides perfect harmony to your mind and body.

Different types of massages and treatments will recover you and give your body the energy it needs.

Coffee-based peels, a massage candle that hydrates the skin, a shell from the Pacific Ocean, an energy treatment based on coconut and guarana, are just some of our treatments. In order for our clients to be satisfied, we have carefully selected the best cosmetics of German origin Rimpler, as well as French organic cosmetics Phyt’s.

Look deeper into our beauty world and you get the chance to restore body and mind.

Wellness brochure


Our modernly equipped Wellness Center “Fontana” is spread over the area
of about 1000m2 and is a place to escape from everyday life, an oasis of peace and
enjoyment in a relaxing environment.


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