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DETOX PROGRAM is organized by nutritionist Nadja Radonjic, so the emphasis is on proper nutrition that will encourage natural cleansing of the body, with prescribed physical activity, programmed supplementation, yoga and meditation.

Everything prescribed will be conducted under the constant supervision of a professional team, which also includes a general practitioner.

The members of the expert team receive from patients a filled out questionnaire in advance and prepare, accordingly, for the arrival of each patient. Upon arrival, there is a standard physical examination, as well as an additional conversation with all members of the professional team. The examination by systems is performed by a general practitioner upon arrival (the program starts on Sundays) and includes an additional conversation with a nutritionist. Next is determining the degree of physical fitness by a fitness trainer. Also a yoga instructor performs an assessment of your readiness for both physical and meditation activities. There is a welcome massage as well, where the physiotherapist evaluates possible and necessary treatments for the next seven days.

On the next day (Monday morning), blood sampling is done at the hotel. Laboratory includes a detailed analysis of all key parameters, as well as a detailed analysis of lipid status, hormones and assessment of the organism’s toxicity level.

Based on the performed examinations, as well as the results of laboratory analyses, the team of experts compiles a plan and work program for the next 7 days of stay.



  • All meals, specially designed for detoxification.
  • Physical activities aimed at improving the general physical fitness of the patient.
  • Yoga classes that will help all patients to cope with stress and tension.
  • Breathing and meditation exercises.
  • In all programs, the emphasis is on maximum effect during the stay, but time is also devoted to advice that patients can continue to apply at home in order to improve their health.
  • Special attention is paid to spa treatments.
  • Daily work with a physiotherapist, who will perform lymphatic drainage, therapeutic and relaxation massages on patients when needed.


Physical activities are organized in groups and individually, in nature and in the hotel, according to the principle of active vacation where the patients know the schedule, program of activities, as well as rest time, in advance. Evening gatherings are reserved for entertainment, which will be in the spirit of the program. The program ends with a control measurement.



  •  Detox diet
  • All activities aimed at improving physical fitness, general better physical and mental health of patients
  • All Spa treatments, massages, saunas, Turkish bath, and additional necessary treatments.
  • All additional activities, examinations, conversations, consultations, socializing.


Detox diet (more details):

-Gluten free

-No meat

-No artificial sweeteners

-No additives

-No preservatives

-Reduced and limited intake of dairy products

-Detoxification with solid organic food, which includes meals of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, as well as fish, seafood, dairy products in the minimum or optimal amount.

-An individual approach that takes into consideration allergies, as well as the personal preferences of each patient.



  • Juice: Red beet and ginger juice
  • Breakfast: Avocado with dried tomato + scrambled quail eggs + wheat germ salad
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup + Quinoa with chanterelle and pomegranate + rocket salad + grated carrot + corn salad + teaspoon of pine nuts
  • Snack: Dates and hazelnuts balls
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup made of broccoli, asparagus and scorpionfish

We undertake that for 7 days all members of our professional team will actively work on improving the patients’ health and will accordingly, if necessary, include additional treatments and consultations that are not part of the initially prescribed program.



-to all people who, in everyday life, do not have time for themselves and for whom it is always a ‘short day’.

-To people exposed to stress, who as a consequence of that, already suffer from hormonal imbalance or are predisposed to it. It is especially recommended for people with excess body weight.

Excess body fat carries with itself a number of other health complications that are united under the term metabolic syndrome or syndrome X. DETOX program is especially recommended to these patients and is programmed to prevent metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome includes a set of disorders such as high blood pressure, lipid status disorder, liver cirrhosis, insulin insensitivity (insulin resistance), body fat distribution disorder (abdominal central obesity). Metabolic syndrome is in most cases caused by the wrong lifestyle. The first sign of metabolic syndrome is obesity. Metabolic syndrome is one of the leading causes of cardiac and vascular diseases, angina pectoris and heart attack, the first herald of such complications and one of the most common causes of death.

Recent researches link metabolic syndrome to mental disorders, depression, tension and aggression. Also, the data on mortality caused by the corona virus confirm higher mortality in patients suffering from this syndrome.


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